letterhappy weddings // luisa + andrew

my latest finished wedding suite belongs to the adorable luisa (of peaches to pearls) and her wonderful fiancé, andrew. it was an absolute blast creating these for this special couple, who will be getting married in pensacola, florida at the end of july. from the very beginning, luisa's standard line was "i trust you!" which, if you're a fellow graphic designer, you completely understand the feeling of equal parts excitement and sheer panic that comes from those three simple words. that's right, luisa.. SHEER PANIC. thanks, friend.

heart palpitations aside, i was super happy with the way these turned out - that slightly terrifying "i trust you!" turned out to be so much fun, and i was thankful for her willingness to go with something totally unique and bold by using the dark grey background (to match the bridesmaid dresses!) with white and mint accents. we tied in her other main wedding color by using blush envelopes, and voila! modern, classy, and totally one of a kind!

you can see more examples of wedding paperie in my portfolio + pretty please contact me if you'd like me to create something special just for you!

xo, christen :)




i went to the daytime emmys!

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