i went to the daytime emmys!

okay, okay, not really. but my products did! a few months ago, i was contacted by the lovely val wilson of off the wall giftsasking if i would be interested in contributing a little something to the official daytime emmy gift bags. WELL, DUH.

she mentioned that they were interested in my greeting cards and wishlets, so i decided to put together a cute little package with one of each, plus a personal note and a brand new business card. sounds simple, right? well let me tell you.. 1100 of each doesn't sound like a whole lot.. until you're actually doing it.

it honestly just makes me giddy that there are 1100 people out there who now own a little piece of my handmade business. who knows if they would have ever come across me on their own!

i should probably just go ahead and admit that i've been cyber stalking certain celebrities just to see if they've been wearing one of my wishlets.. if you happen to stumble across one, pretty please let me know!

now, here comes the fun part.. i'm going to be giving away a couple of the little packages to some lucky instagramfollowers. so if you haven't already, come connect with me over there and put your name in the hat for the drawing! the rules are simple, and they're listed in my latest post.

the giveaway will run until friday, july 19th at midnight (CST). i'll announce the lucky winners on saturday morning.. good luck, friends!

xo, christen :)

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