just say yes!

i'll be the first to admit that organization is not my strongest suit. but doesn't it feel great when you've finally gathered all of your most important things together in one easy to find location? cue my sigh of relief. i'm an artist, graphic designer, painter, small business owner, dreamer, and constant doer. i have a brain that never shuts off, and a need to stay consistently busy. i love God, family and friends, my miniature schnauzer, art, disney world, football, fashion, and the south. this is me.totally awkward, totally real, a little all over the place, and far from perfect.. but that's what makes life fun, right?

2014 is the year i decided to start saying yes more. yes to a new business venture (or three). yes to traveling every chance i get (which inevitably led to a big heck yes to buying a disney world annual pass. we'll get to that obsession later, just you wait). yes to shutting down the computer and putting away my phone because contrary to popular belief, life WILL go on without both of them. yes to a new website. yesto starting a blog (apparently). and let me tell you something.. yes feelsso good. i had gotten into a terrible habit of making excuses - i'm too busy, too poor, too tired. and then there's my personal favorite.. "but-i-just-took-off-my-makeup-and-put-on-my-sweatpants-yes-i-know-it's-only-four-in-the-afternoon-okay-stop-judging-me!" i've definitely used that one more times than i care to admit and if you've ever been on the receiving end of it, please consider this my official apology.

i'm not quite sure where all of this yes will take me, but i do know that it's sure to be a fun ride! yes? yes!

xo, christen :)

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