Now that I've convinced you beyond a shadow of a doubt that you absolutely one hundred percent need a media kit right this very second.. let's talk about what you should include. Some of these will be optional based on your preferences and your level of blogging, but even the most beginning bloggers will need to pay attention to numbers 1, 2, 3, and 7.

1. An introduction

This can be as simple as a few sentences about you and your blog, why you started, what you write about, etc. Most of my clients like to include two separate introductions - one for their blog and one for themselves.

2. Photos

Your potential sponsors want to see who they're working with. They also want to see examples of the photography showcased on your blog and social media platforms. Are they high quality photos that will put their brand/products in the best possible light? Choose some of your favorite photos from a high traffic blog post to include in your media kit.

3. Social media stats

Include the stats from the platforms you use most and the ones you'll be sharing your sponsors on. You'll want to showcase your monthly pageviews and/or unique visitors for sure. Some of the most popular platforms my clients include are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. There is also a growing interest in Periscope and Snapchat to show a behind the scenes look at your life, so if you're active on those, you may want to include them as well. Although you can't currently tell exactly how many people follow you on Snapchat, you can use the little eye icon to get an idea of how many people view your stories on a regular basis and use that number as your stat.

4. Ad options + rates

If you're interested in monetizing your blog, one of the best ways to do this is to offer sponsored posts + sidebar ads. List out the different services you offer, along with what you charge for each one. If you have lots of options, you may want to keep this to a list of your most popular packages, and let them know that you can build a custom package just for their needs, or that there are a-la-carte options available as well.

5. Past collaborations

Your potential sponsors want to know that once they work with you, they'll be in with the cool kids. Include a list of some of your most high profile partnerships. Remember, this is a place for you to brag about yourself and the work that you've done. Don't hold back!

6. Testimonials

Reach out to a few of your past collaborations to get a quick blurb about how it was to work with you. If your potential sponsors see that your posts made an impact on another business, that may just be the extra little nudge they need to commit to a partnership with you.

7. Contact information + social media handles

Now that your potential sponsors have fallen in love with you and your blog, you need to give them a way to get in touch with you. Include your email as well as all relevant social media handles. (Pro tip: It's helpful if your social media handles are consistent across all platforms.)

Interested in working with me to create the media kit of your dreams? I offer 3 different levels, so whether you're a beginner who wants to start reaching out for collaborations or an established blogger who wants to charge a premium for your services, we'll create the perfect kit for your needs! Click here to learn more.