Having a professionally designed media kit is a great way to show potential sponsors how awesome you are. You've worked super hard to build up your blog following, and it's time to show off those stats!

A media kit can be a bit of an investment, but it's a ripple effect of an investment that will show off your blog in the best possible light, leading to more sponsorship opportunities down the line.

1. It will save you time.

Since you're a busy human with a heck of a lot more to do than sit and answer emails all day, it will totally cut down on your response time. Stop typing out your stats + rates every time you get an inquiry, and simply attach your gorgeous kit as a response, guaranteed to blow them out of the water and make them basically want to throw their money + products at you.

2. It will save your potential sponsors time.

Do not.. I repeat.. DO NOT make your potential sponsors run all over the interwebs looking for your social media stats and ways to work with you. In general, people have a very short attention span, so put all of your relevant info in one place so they can see everything at a glance. They'll be so thankful that you provided it in a pretty little package rather than a time suck scavenger hunt.

3. It's a great way to brag about yourself.

As creatives, we're not always the best salespeople. Especially when it comes to selling ourselves. I know personally, it's hard for me to brag about myself or list my own accomplishments without feeling like I'm being overly boastful and all "hey guys look at meeeee!" because that's totally not who I am. When it's presented in a beautiful way that takes the sleazy sales pitch out of it, it comes across much more interestingly informational and much less used car salesman.

4. It allows you to be proactive.

You don't have to wait for brands to reach out to you for collaborations. Since you've got a gorgeously designed media kit that you're super proud of, you can start reaching out to your dream sponsors immediately. Start off your email with a quick intro letting them know your desire to work with them, attach your kit, and follow up later.

5. It looks uber professional.

Whether you're being proactive and reaching out or simply responding to collaboration requests, a media kit shows that you care about both your blog and your sponsors, and that you've taken the time to make sure your information is displayed in a beautiful and concise way. Think about it. What would appeal to YOU more? A long email pitch with a whole lot of boring text where you have to search for the relevant information and potentially go on a social media scavenger hunt (see reason #2), or a short email pitch with a professionally designed PDF attachment that puts all the relevant information at your fingertips? Exactly.

BONUS (aka, this should be number 6, but I really like odd numbers, so I stopped at number 5):

Remember that ripple effect I mentioned earlier? Taking all of these things into consideration, picture this. You send out a media kit to a dream sponsor. Dream sponsor is impressed. Dream sponsor agrees to work with you. You do your thang. Dream sponsor is impressed again. Dream sponsor writes you a testimonial for your media kit. You reach out to dream sponsor #2. Dream sponsor #2 sees dream sponsor #1's testimonial. Dream sponsor #2 wants to be in with the cool kids. Dream sponsor #2 agrees to work with you.

I could go on, but you catch my drift. Also, how many times did I just write "dream sponsor"?

Basically, your media kit has the potential to MAKE YOU LOTS OF MONEY.

Once you've got a steady flow of sponsors lined up to work with you, bump those prices, baby. In the design world, we always say that if someone agrees to your asking price immediately, it's probably too low. So once you're booked solid, give yourself a raise. You're worth it.

Interested in working with me to create the media kit of your dreams? I offer 3 different levels, so whether you're a beginner who wants to start reaching out for collaborations or an established blogger who wants to charge a premium for your services, we'll create the perfect kit for your needs! Click here to learn more.