etsy shop tips: time saving tools

etsy shop tips: time saving tools

Did you know that Etsy has an abundance of built in tools to help you run that awesome shop of yours? As a busy human and business owner, I know I'm always on the hunt for hacks to make my hours and minutes stretch just a little further. Try a few of these if you’re looking for ways to save time!


1. The Sell on Etsy App

Although my personal favorite feature of the Sell on Etsy app is the “cha-ching!” sound it makes every time you make a sale, there are so many more reasons to love it.

You can manage your shop from your phone on the go, and you’re able to do basically everything you can do on your computer, including listing items, answering convos, checking stats, and so much more.

No more worrying about what’s going on in your shop while you’re away from your desk.. if one of your reproducible items sells out, you can instantly renew and add to your quantity while you’re at brunch or shopping with friends. If someone has a question, you can reply in a timely manner, which makes a great impression with current customers and potential buyers.

2. Shipping Labels

If you are still handwriting addresses and standing in line at the post office.. well then.. my dear friend, we need to talk. Etsy’s shipping labels are basically the best thing since sliced bread. (Serious question, though - where did that expression come from?)

You can print labels (with tracking!) right from your home printer (for a discount!) and you’ll never have to stand in line at the post office ever again. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, it’s not.

International and upgraded shipping labels are just as easy to create as domestic ones, so you can open your shop up to the entire world.

You can even print a scan form to hand to your postal worker, either as a scheduled pick up at your home or a personal drop off at your local office. All of your orders will be automagically registered in the USPS system, and your customers can start tracking their packages right away.

3. Listing Variations

Did you know you can add variations to your listings? If you offer several colors or sizes of the same item, instead of spending all your precious time creating multiple listings, you can give your buyers all of their choices right inside one little listing.

Just enter your offerings inside the listing itself (be sure to show photos of all options, too!) and Etsy will turn them into nice little dropdown menus that buyers will be able to select when they’re checking out. Super easy for you. Super easy for them.

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happytatts x the confetti bar collaboration

happytatts x the confetti bar collaboration