Etsy Shop Tips: Not-So-Secret Secrets

Today, I'm letting you in on two not-so-secret secrets for making your Etsy shop shine. Hold on to your hats, people. This is revolutionary.

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I mean, duh, right? It seems obvious, but I see it happen ALL THE TIME. Just remember, if you're not filling up your titles + tags, you're missing opportunities to get found. I get that it's hard to come up with 13 tags. But like I've suggested in past posts, think of synonyms for the words you're currently using, and ask your friends + family how they would describe or define your products. You might also want to consider who it is for or what it could be used as. People LOVE to know what they can do with something. They may like what you offer, but not be able to clearly see themselves using or gifting it, so you need to give them a little nudge.


Groundbreaking, I know. I mean, how many ways can you possibly photograph the same item? Trust me, I get it. Sometimes it's not easy. Put your best photo as the main one, of course. Then, use up the other 4 spaces to give an idea of size + scale, or how it looks in a specific setting. If it's a piece of clothing or jewelry, show it laying flat as well as on a model. If it's a piece of art or a print, show it in a frame or hanging on a wall.

This is especially important for mobile shopping. Did you know that over 50% of Etsy's traffic is now coming from mobile devices? Did you also know that when viewing items on the Etsy App, a buyer will literally have to click "listing details" to read the info that you've typed into your description? So while you might use your description to give the specs of your item, chances are, some buyers will never even see that, so you need to give as much information through your photos as you possibly can.

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xo, Christen

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