Work from Home Christmas Playlist

Are you a have-to-have-silence person or a music-is-always-on person? I am most definitely the latter, especially during this time of year.


You can always find me dancing around in the middle of order packaging marathons.. and it has just started to dawn on me that Christmas is only a week away, which means it won’t be acceptable to jam out to this goodness much longer! (I mean, let’s be honest though.. just because it’s not acceptable doesn’t mean I won’t do it.)

As my gift to you in this last week, I’ve created a Spotify playlist filled with all my faves.. it’s got everything from *NSYNC to Josh Groban to Trans-Siberian Orchestra to Elvis.. it’s an awesome mix, if I do say so myself!

Merry Christmas, friends! Enjoy!

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letterhappy christmas cards are now available on minted!

I'm so excited to announce that two of my Christmas card designs are now available for purchase on Minted! Oh, and if you're not familiar with Minted, prepare to be blown away. From their website:

"Minted is a design marketplace. We source creative content from a global community of independent artists, then sell the best content in the form of art, home décor, and stationery, directly to consumers. An early pioneer of crowdsourcing, Minted has held art and design challenges monthly since April 2008. Challenges are open for both submission and voting, the 'crowd' curates Minted's product selection by rating products, and Minted utilizes analytics to evaluate votes."

So, basically, you'll find some of the greatest designs from some seriously amazing independent artists available in high quality formats for just about every occasion you can think of.

I designed both of these cards with the traditional, religious meaning of Christmas as my inspiration, and they're each available in multiple colorways, layouts (portrait and landscape), and sizes.

You can even add on optional matching envelopes, liners, stamps, and address labels to make each one just a little more special! Go check 'em out!

You can find my Minted shop here.